Overhauling windows and redecorating them are essentially cyclical servicing operations but are rarely carried on a predetermined regular basis. Over time sash cords deteriorate, sash chains rust, pulley axels break. At this point that property owners and occupants or their Agents, Building Managers, Architects, Surveyors, etc tend to consultant specialists like us.

During overhauling operations, perimeter seals are introduced to reduce draughts, noise and particulates ingress.

Sound Proofing is such an emotive issue with many clients we find it is often the primary reason they wish to consider the upgrading of existing windows or replacement with new.

Replacing pairs of sashes complete with single or double glazing and if required sound attenuating glass into retained box frames together with new heavier lead weights and pulley’s to suit the heavier sashes.


Below is a typical sample of the operations we undertake to existing sliding sash windows:

Easing and adjusting sashes as necessary. Overhauling existing pulleys or replacing them with ball race versions (for smooth running and longevity)

Replacing cords and supplying fitting lead add weights as necessary to balance the sashes.

Supply and fitting an integral high performance draughtproofing system. This is usually to prevent sash rattle and unwanted draughts, hedge against traffic noise and the infiltration of harmful particulates. The Seals we recommend are routed into the timber components including new staff and parting beads plus the sash rails using a carrier with twin finned weather pile to allow smooth and safe running of the sashes. Excess paint build up is removed from the running edges of the window which allows them to slide freely.

Carrying out repairs where necessary, practical and preferred, via 4 part epoxy resin repairs, piecing in using new timber sections, replacing timber linings, replacing timber sills or replacing sashes or box frames if necessary.

The operations are discrete and can be carried out without altering the appearance of the window.