Slenderglaze - the energy saving, slim line double glazing system.
Maximise efficiency and noise reduction without compromising the property's appearance
Traditional sash windows with double glazing ARE now an option for owners and renovators of period and listed property.

Our handcrafted Slenderglaze windows have been granted listed building consent, where the existing windows were deemed inappropriate. Before the arrival of this window technology, the upgrading of period properties with double glazing was not desirable, owing to the plastic, aluminum and unsuitable timber window frame options available.

Even to the trained eye, Slenderglaze windows are difficult to detect as being new, owing to the distance between the two panes of glass. This has been achieved by filling the cavity with the appropriate inert gas. The added advantage of this design is the thermal efficiency achieved:  cold spots are eliminated and so too is the resulting condensation around the perimeter of the inner pane.

Although timber provides the material of choice, pre Slenderglaze, the accompanying glazing options did not fulfill the planning criteria for listed properties or those in conservation areas.

In place of an aluminum spacer bar, the Slenderglaze sash window features warm edge polymer spacer bar technology, which enables the double glazed unit to fit into traditionally constructed window rebates, without the need for unsightly timber glazing beads and stuck-on glazing bars. Replicating every detail of your original single glazed sash window, windows which are upgraded with Slenderglaze include real glazing bars and offer all the benefits of modern double glazing.

The Slenderglaze warm edge spacer technology consists of a polymeric tape that has a desiccant embedded in its structure.  It is physically smaller than a contemporary spacer bar, more attractive and in keeping the perimeter margin to a minimum, can be glazed into traditional glazing rebates and glazing bars. The spacer is normally specified in white or charcoal depending on the finish of the window (other colours are available).

Slenderglaze units are sealed with a special high quality reactive, moisture curing, butyl sealant. Lesser sealants are often compromised by being bulked out with fillers (to reduce cost). The quality of all materials we use ensure that the Slenderglaze units are durable and long-lasting.

Slenderglaze can either be purchased in separate sealed units, to be fitted into your new or existing windows; or we can supply our premium fully finished custom made joinery incorporating Slenderglaze units. Why not contact us to discuss your requirements?