Sashcare - the systematic repair and restoration service for timber windows & doors
Sashcare is a systematic repair service for all timber sliding sash windows, casement windows and doors.

Sashcare uses a special elastomeric epoxy resin especially developed to effect a permanent repair to wood.  Any decay is removed with specialist tooling and the remaining good timber is treated with a penetrating resin that stabilises the remaining good timber and acts as the ”roots” for the next stage.  The sash or casement window is then repaired using a special flexible filler resin.

For larger repairs a combination of the resin system and new replica timber sections are used.  The repair will not crack or fallout.  All resin repairs and new wood are left primed and undercoated.

One of the main causes of decay in timber windows is due to water ingress because of brittle linseed oil putty that has become hard and cracked.  Cracked putty can be replaced with a polymer rich elastomeric putty that will NOT become brittle and will out perform traditional putty.  It is identical in appearance to traditional putty and can be overcoated with paint.

All Sashcare repairs are guaranteed for 5 years.

We also offer a full restoration service where we strip the the window back to bare wood, carry out necessary repairs and refinish the windows with a low maintenance paint finish.  Outer frames or Sash Boxes are usually treated in-situ, sashes are brought back to our workshop for restoration.  This requires the windows to be temporarily glazed or boarded for the duration of the restoration (approx 3 weeks).

This service is limited due to its labour intensive nature.