Sashcure - the overhaul and draughtproofing upgrade for sliding sash windows
Sashcure could provide an effective solution if you experience any of the following problems with your sliding sash windows:
  • penetrating draughts
  • rattling
  • sticking or jamming
  • windows not aligning
  • difficult to open
  • noise pollution
  • broken cords
Sashcure is discreet and can be applied without altering the appearance of the window and provides a high performance integral weatherstrip around the perimeter of your windows, to prevent draughts. The system becomes integral to the window and is not to be confused with DIY systems. As the system is discreet it's ideally suited to all period and listed properties.

During the installation process we check the windows are correctly balanced and adjust the weight accordingly and we re-cord the windows with a long lasting waxed cotton cord with a polypropylene core. We also renew the staff and parting beads with replicas of the originals (these are supplied primed and undercoated or bare wood for stained windows).

Excess paint build up is removed from the running edges of the window, which reduces friction and allows it to slide with ease.

We also check the sashes align correctly and adjust to achieve optimum alignment.

If any other problems with the windows not covered by the scope of Sashcure were apparent during the survey these may be quoted for separately using our Sashcare system.

Sashcure can also be applied to casement windows and doors and is guaranteed for 5 years.

Sashcure Extra : An optional add on that allows the Sliding sashes to be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance, useful when access is prohibitive